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About Us

James Wong

James Wong

James M the owner and founder of The Fit Labs, Studio 222 Personal Training Centers, 222 Evolve, and The Reset Project. Armed with the philosophy that strong partnerships are the cornerstone of a healthier life, Wong is committed to helping clients strengthen partnerships with their own bodies, lives, minds, spirits, and ultimately their communities.

Having earned the well-respected Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) credential from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), James combines a lifetime of athletics, over 8 years of training in Muay Thai and boxing, and 25 years of hotel and restaurant management experience to create The Fit Labs. Our training is based on the philosophy of the foundation that everyone is an athlete 24/7 and you must constantly enhance and develop flexibility, stability and strength so you can perform at an elite level day after day.

Peter Pinto

Peter Pinto

Peter Pinto… is the co-founder of the Fit Labs, and also Unfair Advantage Fitness. Peter has been involved in fitness, sports, and the martial arts for over 15 years. Unlike most trainers Peter has been there just like many of his clients. He has always been involved in fitness and sports, yet just like anyone else, life happens. The excuses to exercise and take care of himself seemed to take over his life. He gained weight, became lethargic, and sacrificed his own health for what he thought  was more important at the time. Just like many of his clients have felt before they became his clients.

Then one day Peters mentor came to town for a visit. Peters mentor was someone who had great influence over his ideals. During that visit Peters life was forever changed. It clicked. A blinding flash of the obvious! Peter learned one of the most important lessons of his life. From that day forward Peter made a commitment to himself to pay that lesson forward. Peter is exceptionally passionate about helping his clients to achieve balance in their lives. Why? Because he’s been there. He understands, and he has found a special talent to assist others to employ his easily adopted plan full of special and unique techniques.

logo_on_black-postTogether… Peter and James form an unstoppable team at the Fit Labs committed to each other and to your goals. They have an exceptionally unique way of welcoming you into their family. You will feel alive! No longer at a loss for direction, and how to manage your busy lives and take control of your own destiny. It’s really a simple and easily adopted plan… Won’t you come and join in The Fit Labs family?


James and Peter on one knee with just a small portion of the Fit Labs Family after a recent work out

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