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About Us

Peter Pinto, Owner and Training Director of The Fit Labs and Sityodtong Muay Thai Las Vegas

Peter Pinto is the founder of the Fit Labs, and also Sityodtong Muay Thai Las Vegas. Peter has been involved in fitness, sports, and the martial arts for over 15 years. Unlike most trainers Peter has been there just like many of his clients. He has always been involved in fitness and sports, yet just like anyone else, life happens. The stress of life can become over whelming and the the usual diet and exercise just didn’t have the same results.  In fact what used to work seemed to be having a negative affect on his health.

The fitness world was missing something.  There were too many holes in the methods used today to make people fit and healthy, and Peter knew it.  People who use conventional methods of training and eating are becoming sicker, put more fat on and develop metabolic dysfunctions more and more often.  After years of research and applying new, cutting edge science focusing on the neurology of exercise and the physiology of dieting, Peter has been able to connect the dots and achieve remarkable results with people dealing with pain, weakness, weight-gain, digestive problems and even those diagnosed with clinical illnesses whose doctors have given up on.

Peter is exceptionally passionate about helping his clients to achieve balance in their lives. Why? Because he’s been there. He understands, and he has found a special talent to assist others to employ his easily adopted plan full of special and unique techniques.



At the Fit Labs we’re committed to helping people reach optimum health and achieving all of your goals. No more confusion. No longer at a loss for direction, and how to manage your busy lives and take control of your own destiny. It’s really a simple and easily adopted plan.  Would you like to be our next success story?… Because isn’t it time to take care of you?


James and Peter on one knee with just a small portion of the Fit Labs Family after a recent work out

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